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  • 17 Oct

    Installing WordPress. Quickly.

    Just how easy is it to install WordPress?  Simple, really.  With a few short clicks, you’re on your way to blogging bliss using one of the most powerful and popular tools out there.  Allow me to demonstrate in a quick, easy to understand tutorial.

    Step 1: Log in to cPanel.  With our servers, this is done by going to www.<yourdomain>.com/cpanel

    Step 2: Locate “Softaculous” and click the icon.

    Step 3: Click “Blogs” and then “WordPress”.

    Step 4: Click “Install”!

    From here, you’re looking at mostly configuring the installation. With a couple of quick answers and most fields left blank or default, you’re on your way!

    Step 5: Software Setup. Usually the only thing you’re worried about here is the domain name.
    Software Setup

    Step 6: Select the correct domain name from the drop-down and continue down to the “Database Settings” and “Site Settings” section.
    Software Setup

    You can nearly always just leave the Database Settings section completely default. The Site Settings section, however, is where you will want to set up your custom Site Name and Site Description (usually a tag line of some kind that goes with the title of your page).

    Step 7: Moving on to “Admin Account”.
    Software Setup

    Here is where you’ll set up your custom user ID to log in to the blog’s back end dashboard with as well as a secure password.

    Step 8: If you elect to, you can set up database backups, automated updates, and a couple of other options:
    Software Setup

    With WordPress being as powerful as it is and the many, many uses WordPress has, having the software at your fingertips with a very easy installation means you’re on your way to blogging in less time and focusing faster on what’s important, rather than worrying about the technical details. Besides, that’s why we’re here!

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