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  • 21 Mar

    New Site – New Products!

    Welcome to our new home!

    We’ve done a little tidying up around here and are very happy to announce that we’ve launched our new web site.  Along with our new web site, we’ve changed a few of our service offerings and added some things.  After 14 years, which we celebrated this past weekend, we’re still tweaking and tinkering. We think you’ll enjoy what we have to offer.

    Shared Hosting

    We’ve redone our shared hosting packages so they’re simplified and easier to understand.  We took all of the clutter we had before and condensed it down into two packages which give you all of the awesome features we offer rather than splitting them up over several options.  We also took a long, hard look at our prices and made some adjustments to them.  By adjustments, we mean we took them and cut them.  Significantly.

    Reseller Hosting

    While we gave our reseller hosting packages a good, thorough once-over, we didn’t feel the need to change much with them. Our resellers have been, and continue to be, happy with the level of value they receive from these packages. These reseller hosting packages continue to be class-leading bang-for-buck backed by technicians who care about the businesses which hold us up on our feet. We’re glad we’re able to offer this to our resellers and we’re thankful for their loyalty.

    Dedicated Servers

    In the name of simplification, we’ve taken our quite daunting list of server offerings and shrunk them down to a much more manageable and user-friendly list of options. We’ve also added a couple of new options with a little extra kick. These machines are hotrods and, let me tell you, the network they’re on is just plain amazing.

    Cloud / VPS

    Feeling green? Need more horsepower than a shared or reseller hosting account? We’ve now got you covered! After 14 years of offering web hosting, we are finally proud to offer cloud-based hosting. Why cloud? If you’d like your own space but don’t want the cost or don’t need the horsepower of a full-on dedicated server, a cloud / virtual server is the perfect fit. You’re in total control of your resources, unlike a shared web hosting or reseller hosting account, and you’re backed by top of the line hardware, network and technicians.

    Thank you for choosing!

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