About Us

Alaska born, Seattle raised

Originally founded as Kaidok Technologies in 1999, Hostdango perpetuates a level of excellence our customers have grown accustomed to over the years. Our professionalism coupled with superb technology rivals any of the mega-hosts. One of the countless things you’ll notice that differs is our attention to detail when it comes to customer service. Don’t take our word on it, here’s a number of testimonials from satisfied customers.

Where and when our journey began: 1999
Are we really from the past? Did Doc Brown find us with his time machine? Well, maybe the former. Perhaps not the latter but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Our journey starts in March of 1999 in the 49th state: Alaska. Our name was EmIsle.com. This name didn’t last us very long. We used this name because it was handy. We owned it. We weren’t doing anything else with it. We decided it was low risk and easy to build a web site on it. We found that selling web hosting using a name such as EmIsle.com was about as easy as selling ice to our friendly neighbors to the north. The far north. It was about 10 months later and we were in the market for an identity change as we were quickly discovering the challenges of what it is we had gotten ourselves into.

In late 2000 / early 2001, we put on a new set of boots and Kaidok was born. We needed a way to separate web design from web hosting as we were serving two very different groups of customers for two different services. After a quick consideration, we decided that it would be best to offer web design under the moniker “Kaidok.com” and web hosting under the domain name of “Kaidok.net”. This served us and our very diverse growing customer base well.

We continued to grow throughout the early 2000’s and decided that we needed something a little easier to market was in order. With that, HostDango.com was born in 2007. After over a year of contemplating services, our own identity and perhaps an improved offering of services, the HostDango.com web site went live in 2008.

So, there you have it. We really, really mean it. We’ve really been offering smarter web hosting since 1999. Through all of the name changes through the years, it’s been the same people doing the same jobs with the same loyal base of customers. The only thing that has changed have been improvements to our services offerings, our level of customer service and our knowledge of our systems and products. We were built from absolute ground zero in 1999 and are very proud to still be here today.


HostDango has been amazing in its services provided to us. The tools are easy to use and the connection speed is very fast. Manually integrating our software for a professional blog, wiki, and bug tracking software has been extremely easy and virtually painless. We haven’t noticed any down-time since our site went live in March 2008. HostDango’s support has been phenomenal and very helpful. We look forward to the improvements they’re making and the new features being added to their online admin tools suite.
– Shipwreck Game Studio

For the past 9 years I have been a customer of hostdango.com, and a very satisfied one at that! Unlike other web hosting services I have used in the past, when I have a question/comment/issue there is always a real person there to answer me in a patient and courteous manner. That means so much to me, as I am not the most tech savvy person out there. Navigating their site is very user friendly as well as easy access to my account and other relative information. In a time where the mantra, “you get what you pay for”, is heard around the globe, it is refreshing to know that with HostDango.com, you get a lot more.
– The Emerald Isle Talker